Guest Post from Prairie Birder’s mother

While Prairie Birder is off at Long Point, I thought I would show you one of her early birthday presents.

Her birthday is in mid-August, but I thought she might like some calling/business cards to take along with her on her trip earlier in the month. Somewhere in my blog reading, I heard about Moo Business Cards, and took a look through their website. What’s nice is that you can use their designs, or use your own design / art / photographs. I thought it would be nice for Prairie Birder to have cards featuring some of her bird photography, so I borrowed her laptop and went through her iPhoto files, finding the best photos. I uploaded them to Moo, and here’s an example of some of her cards, from the proofs Moo sent me as a PDF,

The cards are the double-sided Green Business Cards, with the same one photograph on the back, and two or three of each different photo on the front, with Prairie Birder’s contact information. You can pick the  “Classic” rather than the “Green” option, if you want a smoother, laminated paper.

I found a promo code for free shipping, which was a big help; otherwise, shipping would have been $11.75 to Canada. That said, it’s wonderful to be able to place an order from Canada for cards of this quality. So often I come across wonderful products in the US or UK which don’t ship to Canada, or with prohibitively high shipping costs. The cards came very quickly, and the quality of the printing and paper is lovely. One thing to remember if you use your own photography, is that the cards will be only as good as the quality of the photographs, so try to avoid any low resolution, grainy pictures.

PB and her brothers have made their own business cards at home before, with our printer, and while that’s definitely a much cheaper option, the quality doesn’t begin to compare with what we got from Moo.

You can try Moo out for free by ordering a sample pack of 10 cards here. Moo also offers postcards, greeting cards, stickers, and all sorts of labels, all with your own designs, artwork, photographs, or theirs. The short print runs are ideal for showcasing, and sharing, the work of photographers, artists, and bloggers.

To keep PB’s cards safe in her bag, I found a card case made by Jennifer of giddythings at Etsy, very much like this one.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post from Prairie Birder’s mother

  1. Hi Prairie Birder’s Mum – being a mum myself, I have sometimes had trouble coming up with unique birthday gifts for my guys – You seem to have done that so easily – I know she must be thrilled – hope she has a super birthday – she’s quite the young woman – you must be proud of her accomplishments.

    Hope she’d enjoying Ontario – she’s really in a birder’s heaven at Long Point.

  2. Barbara, I’m a *much* better shopper than I am a birder! That said, it’s pretty easy nowadays to find bird/birding items — as the Portlandia show joked, everyone has decided to “put a bird on it”!

    We are indeed very proud of PB, so much so that it’s hard to miss her knowing how much fun she’s having and how much she’s learning. I’m sure she’ll have a wonderful birthday — we have a few more presents for her, and there will be cake (and, if PB gets her wish, lobster…).

    Prairie Birder’s Mother

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