YOW/Long Point activities

Between our town’s fair last week (which I worked at — I’m an Agricultural Society director now, just like both of my parents — and attended for all three days) and leaving for Long Point on Friday, I thought I’d write up a quick post listing the activities the participants of the Young Ornithologists’ Workshop will be doing during our 10 days (these are from the fact sheet we received last month):

Daily bird banding (most mornings)
Local woodlot birding hikes
Trip to Tip and Breakwater Research Stations
Breeding bird census training
Marsh monitoring
Captive birds of prey demonstration
Tour of Bird Studies Canada headquarters
Tours natural areas
Birding Big Day
Study skin preparation
Species at Risk research

I’m especially interested to learn about bird banding and preparing study skins. We’ll also get to go swimming in Lake Erie, and our field trip to the remote field stations on Long Point means travel by boat, which I am looking forward to.

We will be staying mostly at the Old Cut Research Station, which has a Visitor Centre attached. The station/visitor centre has a small library, living room, office space, lab, six bedrooms with bunks. There is also the Tip station, which has two buildings for accommodations — the “House” and the “Cabin”. The “Cabin” can house up to six people in a communal loft and has propane lights, stove, fridge, indoor water pump, and an outhouse. There is no shower, but Lake Erie is very close! The “House” has running water, bath, limited electricity (provided by solar panels), wood stove, and 4 bedrooms. The Breakwater station is about 10 km from Old Cut. It consists of a very small cabin with bunks and mattresses for up to 4 people in one very small, communal bedroom. I won’t have access to the internet except for essential communication, so I won’t have any posts until I return, unless I can set some posts up in the next few days before I leave. But our house, garden, and farm got hailed out on Saturday, the last day of the fair, and in addition to getting ready to leave, I’ve been painting the house with my brothers because the hail took off lots of the paint on the west side. My parents and I are actually leaving home tomorrow evening, because my flight is at 7 am on Friday, and we live almost three hours away from the airport. If we stay at an airport hotel, we all get a little more sleep.

I will about my trip as soon as I return!

8 thoughts on “YOW/Long Point activities

  1. You will have such a great time! When you are able to post again you will have so much to write about and so many photos to post you won’t know where to start :) I speak from personal experience ;) |Have a wonderfu trip, I look forward to your next posts!

  2. I hope you are having a wonderful time. Really too bad about your farm getting hailed out. I know what it is like – I grew up on a farm, too (years ago). But the farming motto is always “next year”, isn’t it.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences on this trip.

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