Alberta Birds Facebook Group

I might have the chance to do some podcasts or radio broadcast features on young birders and also social networking and birding in the near future, so I thought that in addition to blogging I should join Facebook, where you can find me as Prairie Birder.

As a new member, I started looking around for birding groups, pages, and friends to like and “friend”. I found three Canadian Facebook birding groups, for British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Yukon. But searching for an Alberta group, I couldn’t find one so I decided to start one, the Alberta Birds Facebook group. The focus of the group is to share birding photos, sightings, questions and answers about birds, and birding events. And you don’t have to be an Albertan to join!

4 thoughts on “Alberta Birds Facebook Group

  1. Good for you Prairie Birder – you are a real go getter. I can hardly wait until you publish your first ebook on birding in Alberta or on your experience in Ontario this summer or something exciting. You will you know. You make me smile. I look forward to watching your Facebook group grow! congratulations.

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