Feathers on Friday

(I probably won’t have a Mammals on Monday post because I’ll be with my own mammals at our 4H beef club achievement day.)

On Tuesday afternoon on the first of two days of soaking rains, I saw this pair of Wilson’s Phalaropes,

6 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. I agree with Mia – those are great moody shots – and 4-H – what a gas! young people around here are involved as well – two youngsters at a farm across the way in particular – one with a beautiful paint mare, she’s going to be ridden and shown by hand by a girl about 11 and her brother who is I think 8 or 9 has a calf he’s raising… a pretty Charolais heifer. All 4-H things are terrific in my opinion anyway… such a great opportunity. If you spend as much effort there as you do with your birding – holy smoke – you’re going to do so well Prairie Birder! Well done!

    • I had three projects in 4H this year, a heifer, two-year old cow-calf pair, and a steer. All of my projects did quite well, but I was very sad to sell my steer. 4H is wonderful and I can’t wait for next year!

      I’m glad you like my phalarope photos, Barbara.

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