Off to Long Point!

I just found out yesterday by email that I’ve been accepted to the one-week Young Ornithologists’ Workshop at the Long Point Bird Observatory (LPBO) in Ontario, on Lake Erie. I’m so very excited and happy to have been selected, especially because only six young birders, ages 13 to 17, are chosen each year. The workshop is sponsored by the Doug Tarry Natural History Fund, and I just have to pay for my transportation to and from Hamilton or London.

I learned about the program last year through the Bird Studies Canada (BSC) website when I signed up for Project FeederWatch. Bird Studies Canada is the country’s national wild bird conservation organization. The Long Point Bird Observatory at Port Rowan, Ontario, was established in 1960 as a bird banding station and over the years grew to include not just local but also regionalnational, and even international programs, such as Project FeederWatch, Canada’s Christmas Bird Count, and the Baillie Birdathon. With the scope of the work and programs growing, LPBO was renamed Bird Studies Canada in 1998. The actual programs at Long Point work toward the conservation of local breeding and migratory birds and their habitats, and include everything from local school and community outreach programs to the Young Ornithologists’ Workshops. Since 1986, Long Point has been a United Nations World Biosphere Reserve.

The deadline for the application was April 30th, and until Friday I was waiting nervously. Along with the application form, I wrote two essays, one on why I would like to attend the workshop and the other on my favorite bird (I couldn’t choose just one so I wrote about the Hummingbird family), and also a letter of recommendation from the president of our naturalist society, who is the program head of Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation at the local college in town. I will probably turn both of my essays into posts next week.

I was so excited to get the acceptance email yesterday morning, but now an even longer wait will begin because the workshop isn’t until the beginning of August, from the 4th to 12th. I am very, very excited and hope to see many new birds while in Ontario. I’m looking forward to meeting other young birders and also all the workshops. The workshop focuses on training in field ornithology and other hands-on learning, which is terrific because these are things I can’t really learn around home. I’ve read and watched online videos about bird banding, and read artist Diana Sudyka’s Tiny Aviary blog posts about preparing specimens, but now I will have the chance to learn to do these things myself. We’ll be living and working at the Observatory’s Old Cut field station, and will also go on various excursions including the Tip of Long Point, weather permitting. You can see some wonderful photographs taken at Long Point in jormungund’s Flickr photostream.

Here is some more information about the workshop from the website: “Participants learn how to identify, age and sex birds, and to study their populations and behaviour. Careful and skilled instructors teach the secrets of bird handling and banding techniques, how to prepare specimens for scientific study, and an array of bird censusing techniques. Regular afternoon field trips are taken to places of biological interest within the internationally designated Long Point Biosphere Reserve. Evenings too are busy with slide presentations and nocturnal field work.” Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

The full name of the program is the Doug Tarry Bird Young Ornithologists’ Workshop, named for Mr. Tarry who was a humanitarian and naturalist. The workshop/natural history camp at the Long Point Bird Observatory was started in the 1970s and its goal is, as the BSC website writes, to “foster the development of ornithological interests in Canadian teenagers”.

I’m hoping my parents can drive me to Ontario, because I’d get to see so many more birds and maybe stop off at Point Pelee on the way home, but because we farm it’s hard to get away in August so I may have to fly.

If you’d like to see Long Point for yourself, here are some very good YouTube videos, all by Nathan Cox

Bird Banding at the Long Point Bird Observatory

Owl banding at the Long Point Bird Observatory

Long Point Marsh by month

Birding and Long Point, Part 1

Birding and Long Point, Part 2

Birding and Long Point, Part 3

12 thoughts on “Off to Long Point!

  1. Congrats! I spent about six weeks at LPBO one summer when I was in college, including a stint out at the tip, which is just gorgeous. I was a volunteer Tree Swallow nest box monitor. At the tip, out by the cabin with no electricity, there is an outhouse with cut-outs in the door so you can see out, and tacked to the wall inside the outhouse is a list of birds people have seen while sitting there. (At least there was five years ago!)

  2. Oh Prairie Birder – YOU are the perfect person to go to these workshops at Long Point. Congratulations. You will have such a marvelous time. Long Point is an amazing spot – you will learn so much from the great team there and have a field day with some of Ontario’s birds… again Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations!! That’s sounds like a terrific honor and opportunity! I’m sure you’ll take advantage of every second you’re there, and see lots of wonderful new things. I can’t wait to read all about it!

  4. Congrats! I spent a month banding at Long Point and you will love it. I hope you get a lot of lifers :) Wait until you visit the tip, it’s fantastic!

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