My New Crossley ID Guide!

On Friday, our mail box finally held had what I’d been anxiously awaiting, a parcel slip for the package from Birdcalls Radio. In town, my mother and I picked up the parcel, which I opened as soon as I got back to the truck. Attached to the front of the book, “The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds”, was a very nice note from Chris Bosak, host of Birdcalls Radio. Thank you so very much to Mr. Crossley for donating a copy of his wonderful new book, and to Chris Bosak for hosting the contest for young birders and for being willing to ship to Canada! (By the way, here is a really good interview with Mr. Bosak that just came out.)

The Crossley ID Guide is wonderful, and has beautiful photography. I am hoping the book will help me ID some of the very tricky shorebirds we get in the spring and autumn.

Our next stop in town was the library, and I showed the guide to the librarian who is interested in ordering the guide, as well as the western guide when it’s published.

The autographed page,

The cover with the very nice note from Mr. Bosak,

My favorite two-page spread,

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