Redpolls Galore

Every day since last Sunday, Redpolls have been visiting my feeders in a steady stream, and at the end of the day most of the feeders have been empty.

The most Redpolls I counted in one day was 41 on Tuesday, though there might have been more. It was hard to count them with some leaving, more coming in, and Redpolls where Redpolls hadn’t been a second before. One of the reasons there have been so many Redpolls is that the weather has become quite cold, with the highs during the day around 28-34C and high wind chills, down to  -51 one night.

8 thoughts on “Redpolls Galore

    • We have almost the same weather as you do Dave. Last week it was very mild but this week it is much colder. One night this week it was -51C, it also has been very windy, but the Redpolls visit my feeders very faithfully.

  1. Sweet, sweet Redpolls.
    Have you ever tried to sort out the (sub-)species beyond Common/Hoary? On the second pic from above, the bird on the right looks suspiciously large and dark. Could it be …
    This article here might be helpful (watch out! It’s a link to a pdf file!) in case you don’t know about it yet:

    • I haven’t tried sorting out the sub-species, but I think I should. Thank you very much for the article from the ABA. I had seen it earlier but I forgot about it, thanks for reminding me about it Jochen.

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