A Winter Owl

From our house for a number of miles north, to the college where I have my singing lessons, is the perfect environment for Snowy Owls — lots of fields and pastures surrounded by trees and fence posts. Also, the gravel roads in the area are pretty quiet, so the owls can watch for their next prey in peace and quiet.

On the way home from my lessons this afternoon, right around sunset (just after 4 pm), I was watching both sides of the road for an owl. We were almost home and I had almost given up hope OF seeing one today. But all of a sudden I noticed a lump in one of the trees and there was a Snowy Owl! I was so happy to have seen one today because with so much time spent out of Alberta, I didn’t see one last year or the year before. I think the last time I saw one was in 2008.

I had my camera with me so I took 50 photos of the owl, the photos aren’t the best, but it was eight minutes before sunset. Here are some photos of the Snowy Owl, but not all 50,

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