The Great Pumpkins

On Saturday my family and I went to the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Festival. We have gone three or four times in the past few years. There is a pumpkin weigh-off to see which pumpkin is the heaviest. The winner (heaviest pumpkin) weighed in at about 1,000 lbs.

After the weigh-off there was a pumpkin auction, where my father bought two pumpkins, one weighing 452 lbs and the other one 166 lbs.  We are going to have a Halloween party at our house at the end of the month and carve the pumpkins as part of the festivities.

At the end of the day there was a pumpkin drop, where one big pumpkin was dropped on another, and then the heaviest pumpkin was dropped onto an old car.

I love these coveralls,

A vendor was selling an assortment of very neat pumpkins and gourds,

A very bumpy pumpkin,

The giant splat that the 900 lb pumpkin left after falling on the car,

Sitting on our 452 lb pumpkin,

Sitting on a concrete pumpkin,

On the way home from the festival we stopped it Andrew, home of the world’s largest Mallard Duck,

4 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkins

  1. Really enjoyed your post Prarie Birder, nice to see a slice of life from across there.

    We celebrate Halloween in Scotland but we call it “guising” (but the kids are calling it trick or treat more and more because of the Americam TV programmes) And the tradition was you had to sinf a song or tell a joke to get your “treats”

    We still “dook” for apples, when you get a big bowl of water and float apples in it then you have to try and get them out the water just using yout teeth.

    I like Halloween!!

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