Must-see birds: August

I got the idea for a northern Alberta version of “Must-see birds” from Pat Bumstead’s and Bob Lefebvre’s Birds Calgary blog. Matthew Sim, who is another young birder, had the idea for the “Must-see birds” posts and writes them all.

August is the month for early migrants, especially on the Canadian prairies, so be watching for them. I wanted to find the best birds for Must-see birds: August. Here are some birds that you can still find in the month of August.

1. Western Meadowlark

The male Western Meadowlark is a very striking bird, with a black V on the male’s breast. The breast is bright yellow, the bill is very thick and sharply pointed. The Western Meadowlark is an open grassland bird, so look for it on fence posts and small bushes,

2. Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron is a very large bird, with a blue-gray back, a very long neck, and a long pointed bill used for spearing small amphibians. This heron can be found at heron rookeries, lakes, ponds and sloughs,

3. Spotted Sandpiper

The Spotted Sandpiper is a relatively small sandpiper, with a brown back, orange bill, white eyebrow, and white breast with bold spots,

4. Yellow Warbler 

This is a female Yellow Warbler so unlike the male she doesn’t have the orange streaking down her breast. The Yellow Warbler has olive-green wings and tail, and the head and breast are bright yellow,

5. Purple Martin 

The Purple Martin is the largest North American swallow, which nests mostly in man-made boxes. The martin’s color is iridescent blue-black. This bird can be found at golf courses wherever a nest box has been put up,

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