Surprise on a Sunday

I was in my mother’s bedroom when there was a loud bonk on the window. Feathers flew and a male American Goldfinch hit the ground. I ran outside to check on him and at first I thought he wouldn’t make it. He sat on my hand breathing quite heavily. After 10 minutes he was already looking better.

My brother came outside to take some pictures for me while I was holding then the finch, then my brother brought my camera to me so I was able to take some pictures too.

When I first picked him up, I held on to him well so he wouldn’t startle or fall. He wasn’t moving very much,

When I knew he was calm, I relaxed my hold,

I didn’t know if he wanted to sit on a branch so I tried. I also checked to see if he wanted a sip of water from a dish, but he didn’t want any,

You can see how “fluffed up” he looks,

Near where he hit the window. Our greenhouse is in the background,

You can see how he has settled down and is unfluffed. This is just before he flew off,

I was so relieved he was okay.

My mother had ordered some “warning web” decals from Lee Valley for the three windows in the house that seem to confuse the birds, but because of the Canadian postal strike last month, the parcel has been delayed. We are hoping it arrives this next week.

5 thoughts on “Surprise on a Sunday

  1. Nice bird to see in the hand and glad it recovered okay. I’m just back from a holiday in Alberta, what a fabulous place to live! Hopefully be back next year. Will follow this blog with interest.


    • Hello Dave,

      The goldfinch did recover, I was so relieved. I couldn’t dream of living anywhere else than Alberta. Thank you for taking an interest in my blog.


  2. We spotted a pair of American Goldfinches on Saturday past here in eastern Sherwood Park, AB. Beautiful birds. Never seen here before.

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