Quilling Bird

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on Quilling Birds, how to make birds out of quilling, or curled paper. Last Thursday, my mother hosted the June meeting of her women’s group at our house (I am a member as well, the youngest one!). First we had the the meeting, and after that the usual draw for a prize given by the host.  Afterwards, I taught everyone the basics of quilling.

Because the craft for the meeting was quilling, I thought a nice quarter draw/host prize would be something quilling related. So several days before the meeting, I started to make a quilled chickadee, similar to the one I made for my father’s birthday.  I got the idea from The Book of Paper Quilling: Techniques & Projects for Paper Filigree by Malinda Johnston. I had a lot of fun making it, and the woman who won it was very happy to receive it,


I am updating this to add, in case you want to do something similar, that I used a frame that was a little thicker/deeper to make room for the quilling, and also took the glass out.

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