Wet Morning Bird Walk

I woke up early this morning to listen to one of my favorite radio shows, Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds, which I listen to every Sunday on the internet. It airs from Massachusetts at 9:30 am, which means I am listening to it at 7:30.

After the show was over I went outside to do some birding, the weather wasn’t the best for birding (but great for farming and gardening since we have been desperate for rain), overcast and it had rained half an inch or so last night bird but I thought I might get lucky and see a new bird. I got lucky and the first bird I saw was a Yellow Rail, a life bird for me. After 10 minutes of looking for more birds, still nothing, just the regulars — Mallards, Green- and Blue-winged Teals, and Northern Pintails. After scanning the slough, I saw three new ducks and recognized them as Hooded Mergansers. This is the second species of mergansers I have seen on this slough. After being outside for an hour and a half I was getting quite hungry for breakfast, so I started to head back to the house, but a glimpse of white caught my eye, it was two Common Terns flying by.

I started out this morning thinking I wouldn’t see any good birds, but I proved myself wrong. Three life birds in one day, that’s pretty good for a “Wet Morning Bird Walk”!

The male Hooded Merganser,

As I was looking around for the mergansers I saw three ducklings, I am not sure with species they are, they were just floating around and must have hatched very recently,

The Common Tern hovering, looking for food,

Three Green-winged Teals,

I found this Yellow Lady’s Slipper orchid in the woods on the way home,

5 thoughts on “Wet Morning Bird Walk

  1. Thank you Kristen.
    I was taking pictures of a pair of Northern pintails, once they flew away I got back on my bike and started riding, when a bird flew up from the cattails, I only caught a glimpse of the bird but as soon as I saw it I said Yellow rail!

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