Wood-Warbler Week

This week, 8 May – 14 May 2011, is Wood-Warbler Week at 10,000 Birds!  In honor of that, I thought I should write a post on my first wood-warbler of the year, especially since we don’t seem to have too many warblers here on the prairies compared to the Northeast.  Here are pictures of a Yellow-rumped Warbler I found a few days ago in the bush near our farm,

This particular bird, below, was quite inquisitive but a bit camera shy,

In this picture you are able to see how this bird got its name,

I was able to bring the warblers in by pishing, which is very helpful when you are dealing with a secretive bird.  I learned about it from a book my mother got for me, The Art of Pishing:  How to Attract Birds by Mimicking Their Calls by Pete Dunne. Mr. Dunne is Director of the Cape May Bird Observatory, and founder of the World Series of Birding (another fun birding present my mother gave me is the DVD “Opposable Chums” about the WSB). If I have time, I will write posts with reviews of the book and also the movie.

For all of the 10,000 Bird Wood-Warbler Week posts, go here. Happy Wood-Warbler Week!

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