Tiny Nest

On Nov. 29  I was in town with my family, waiting in the car for my parents and younger brother to come back from the local bakery.  While I was waiting for them, parked near a house with a garden, I watched a bullfinch singing on a branch, and just as they were returning, a female Antillean crested hummingbird flew by and sat on her nest. I had never seen a hummingbird nest before, so we asked the home owner if we could look and take some pictures of it.

I am very unhappy with this picture, it was in the shade and my camera should have been able to take a good photo,

Unfortunately there were no eggs in the nest yet; I was wondering as I saw it, how can the female fit in here?!  You can see the threads she is using to line the nest.

My dad’s hand near the nest to show how small it is, my dad had never seen a hummingbird’s nest before either,

3 thoughts on “Tiny Nest

  1. Hi Charlotte,

    I looked up your blog after listening to the Talkin’ Birds podcast on my walk today. I really enjoy the calls you make to the show and like hearing about the birds you are seeing in Nevis. You are a wonderful birder for such a young woman.

    I am retired, age 66, and live in southeastern Arizona close to Madera Canyon. We have lots of neat birds around here and in the summer the canyon is host to many bird species that barely make it into the United States.

    Keep up your interest!

    Pam Duchaine

  2. Pam, thank you very much for your very nice words and for reading my blog. It would be wonderful to go to Arizona one day to see all of the birds, animals, and landscapes there.

    dreamfalcon, thank you! Yes, I thought it would to have my dad’s hand in there!

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